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100% Aboriginal Owned and Operated
My adventure started when I enrolled into a three-week course (Non Timber Harvest Products in the Northern Forest) that was offered in our area in May of 2002 by Keewatin Community College, The Pas, Manitoba Canada. I always tell others that I was blind and never saw the opportunities and beauty that Mother Nature provides. When you live all your life in such a remote area, you take every thing for granted. This course opened my eyes taught me to see the beauty and endless possibilities. We learned how to identify the different uses and to harvest plants/trees using sustainable techniques that does not impact long term productivity .We were also taught by an aboriginal elder to always give offerings for all the things we take from nature, to respect all living things and most of all to harvest sustainable so there will be some for next year and generations to come. The course also provided us to assess the opportunities of natural resources and to develop entrepreneurial skills that motivated me into starting my own Home Based Business, than expanding into Eco Tourism to share my knowledge with others. The Eco tours My first tour group!and workshops I offer promote hands on learning experiences. Sharing knowledge, identification, uses and sustainable harvesting techniques, a great learning opportunity for anyone that wants to learn more about the bounties Mother Nature provides.

My Unique craft store promotes products that are natural, and featuring local aboriginal artisans. I offer products that promote good health, promote healing and an increased awareness of spirituality with an appreciation of the beauty for our natural world. I love being outdoors, exploring, researching and learning what's in our forests. There's so much yet to discover, with a creative imagination and of course hard work! The possibilities and potential are endless.

Creative Spirit - 100% Aboriginal Owned and Operated
Brenda Gaudry - Barrows, Manitoba Canada ROL-0B0